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Using PR expertise to cut through the competitive sporting world

Firmly established as an important aspect of modern life, sport occupies a vast array of global media platforms and record-breaking sporting events attract huge audiences.


Sports brands and professional athletes are among the world’s most prominent and influential icons, as the number of new fans and followers grows each year. Different sports compete for greater profiles, funding and participants, while sporting goods companies look to supply an ever-expanding range of equipment designed to make each sport more accessible and inclusive.


So how can brands looking to make an impact with innovative products, services or sponsorships advance their business interests in such a massive and congested marketplace? Do they adopt conventional marketing methods including PR, or rely entirely on social media campaigns to get their message across to the biggest audiences in the digital era? And do the concepts behind their product launches incorporate elements that will generate maximum exposure to convince potential buyers to invest with them?


There are many examples of brands and products that have not fulfilled their true potential, thanks to poorly timed introductions that lacked sufficient planning, budget or PR expertise. In the past, some famous brands have turned to PR only when threatened by a hostile takeover – by which time it’s often too late to tell the stories that could have helped to retain control.


Sports Impact has been publicising brands and products for almost 20 years, and averages more than 30 new product launches each year on behalf of clients offering premium events and products. With a background in sports journalism, we look to identify and convey the strongest storyline that will serve the interests of both the client and the media. In communicating the story, we then deploy a variety of PR and marketing techniques to deliver branded media coverage across the leading sporting markets. These include digital and print advertising, social media campaigns and tailored press events designed to enhance media relationships and achieve greater exposure.


CEO John Collard has no doubt that investing in traditional public relations can deliver strategically consistent messaging and shape perceptions to create the ideal sales environment. “Successful product launches are invariably a combination of great product, perfect timing and attention to detail when it comes to employing the most effective marketing tools – and professional PR remains one of those,” he said. “Provided the PR team is engaged early enough in the planning stages, it can often make a significant difference in the most cost-effective way.”

Contact Sports Impact to see how we can make a difference to the reputation, profile and sales of your premium sporting brand or event!

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