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Alan Bentley, President Global Sales, Blancco Technology Group

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How used smartphone sales are impacting the mobile ecosystem

The International Data Corporation (IDC) expects worldwide shipments of used smartphones (both refurbished and pre-owned) to reach a market value of $67 billion by 2023.


So what impact will this deluge of devices have on other players in the mobile ecosystem, including carriers, retailers and mobile insurance companies? As decision pathways get more complicated, accurately diagnosing devices, providing correct valuation for returns and removing sensitive data with the fewest, most secure steps possible becomes more important than ever.


Blancco Mobile Solutions makes mobile decision pathways clear and convenient, with health and valuation tools and remote insurance purchasing options available to the customer from their home or a retail store. This provides flexibility to users and increases customer satisfaction. A brick-and-mortar location can certainly function as the hub for customers to bring in devices, but it’s not necessary to facilitate the buy-back/trade-in process. Blancco’s digital approach even allows online-only retailers to have trade-in programmes to push more devices into the secondhand market, enhance returns reduction, improve the customer experience and add insurance offerings without requiring a face-to-face interaction.


Once devices reach the end of their first life and are posed for processing and resale, it’s important that the original owner’s data is completely removed. When choosing factory reset, validation and certification are crucial steps of the process.


The same is true for more advanced overwriting methods. When processing secondhand devices, mobile processors can achieve operational excellence while maximising profits with Blancco Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure – a purpose-built solution that streamlines diagnostics, erasure and grading processes to prevent unnecessary touchpoints and increase efficiency. Blancco Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure adds value to mobile organisations, ensuring they are recognised as a trusted leader when it comes to the handling and disposition of mobile assets. With verification and certification after every factory reset or erasure, mobile processors and their customers have the audit trail to ensure security and compliance.

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