TORONTO, MARCH 31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Adlib today announced the launch of its expanded Content Intelligence platform with enhanced Contract Analytics capabilities. By empowering enterprises to access data previously locked in complex documents like contracts, business leaders can now mitigate risk, find efficiencies, and address compliance more quickly and cost-effectively than ever before.

Adlib’s enhanced Contract Analytics capabilities enable a deeper level of contract analysis, cementing the company’s position as a global Content Intelligence leader. Adlib’s platform now features more advanced document classification; the ability to identify key clauses and find specific language within clauses; signature detection and strikethroughs; and point-and-click data science that enables everyday users to solve document challenges with AI.

“Whether an enterprise is trying to find PII, mitigate LIBOR risk, sort out IFRS changes, or maximize M&A profits, the success or failure is directly tied to their contracts,” says Peter Duff, Chief Product Officer. “Contracts are one of the riskiest, most complex, yet valuable documents an enterprise can have,” he adds. “Adlib’s innovative Contract Analytics capabilities allow enterprises to simplify the analysis of their contracts, delivering answers faster and more effectively, making every business event less risky and more profitable.”

“Contracts are challenging because they lack structure,” says Jason Mitrow, Sr. Director of Product Strategy. “Even though you have standard contract types and key elements, the language or presence of items within a document can drastically change,” he adds. “Third party contracts can make things even more challenging as a company has even less control over the output, making it difficult to analyze data at scale,” he says. “With Adlib’s latest offering, we empower our customers to solve these challenges with less effort and more accuracy”

“It’s time we changed the tone of the digital transformation conversation,” says Brett Mellon, CEO. “Enterprises know they need to be agile and digital, yet the roadblock of unstructured data remains,” he adds. “By finding, analyzing and creating insightful data from complex documents, enterprises can de-risk their business and reinvigorate revenue,” he says. “This is why Adlib exists, to give our customers the tools they need to become the intelligent enterprises of tomorrow.”

About Adlib

Our purpose is to create intelligent data that amplifies human potential and maximizes business performance. How do we get there? Our content intelligence and automation solutions make it easy to discover, standardize, classify, extract, and leverage clean structured data from complex unstructured documents. In doing so, our global customers reduce risk, simplify compliance, automate processes, and enter a whole new level of performance. For more information, contact us at, or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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