Category: Management

The American View: Can We Come Back from Covideodrome?

Author: Keil Hubert

Months of isolation and boredom are slowly poisoning us via our social media feeds. If we don’t take deliberate measures to reintegrate our scattered workforce, the return-to-work free-for-all is going to expose just how fractured and incompatible we’ve all become... Read more

The tech companies making the most revenue per employee

Author: webeditor

If you thought that earnings of £100,000 per employee was a reasonable way of indicating a successful business you might be surprised. A new study by SmallBusinessPrices looks at the world’s most profitable technology companies to find out which businesses produce... Read more

The American View: Through a Bloodshot Looking Glass

Author: Keil Hubert

Movies are supposed to tell us something about who we think we are. Sometimes, what they show us is a condemnation of the choices we’ve made. This spring’s superhero fil Bloodshot accomplishes that … although it might have done it... Read more

Mid-market firms need deeper insights to ride the storm

Author: webeditor

Darren Birt, operations director at FHL Cloud Solutions, describes how the UK’s mid market companies are failing to take full advantage of best practice on modernisation and digital transformation. As UK companies try to plot a path through the easing... Read more

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