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The American View: Dirty Rotten Sysadmins

Author: Keil Hubert

The first IT person that a small business hires is crucial to the company’s future. Business Reporter‘s resident U.S. ‘blogger Keil Hubert explores the reason why so many single-person IT ‘shops’ tend to be horrible – and what can be done... Read more

The American View: No More Stupid Questions

Author: Keil Hubert

Don’t ask beginner level b-school questions during an interview. Business Reporter’s resident U.S. ‘blogger Keil Hubert argues that lobbing the proverbial softballs won’t get you the critical insight that you need to make a decision, and insults the interview subject besides.... Read more


Dock & Bay win backing from Dragon Den’s Deborah Meaden

Author: Joanne Frearson

Dock & Bay, the company who reinvented the travel towel, specialising in vibrant and compact towels founded by ex-colleagues and best friends Andy Jefferies and Ben Muller, has won over Deborah Meaden on Dragons’ Den with a passionate pitch that... Read more

The American View: The In-Turn Slip

Author: Keil Hubert

Organisations decline over time as new hires lose sight of what the founders intended. Business Reporter’s resident U.S. ‘blogger Keil Hubert looks at how the USA has forgotten the importance and meaning of Labor Day, and a company that seems to... Read more

The American View: The Thing With Breakfast

Author: Keil Hubert

Beware recruiters and salespeople offering free food. Business Reporter’s resident U.S. ‘blogger Keil Hubert grouses that unscrupulous vendors will use food to get inside your office in order to lie about being approved for contracts that don’t yet exist. A tech... Read more

Brexit to bring 80,000 new jobs boom to Frankfurt

Author: webeditor

Brexit is set to deliver a much-heralded jobs boom with over 80,000 new roles to be created – in Frankfurt. A new report released by lobby group Frankfurt Main Finance found that the expected influx of 10,000 financial services staff... Read more