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The road you are on is the one less travelled

Author: webeditor

How Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report turned into a marketing reality It is now 16 years old but the movie Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise as John Anderton, the Chief of the Department of Pre-Crime in Washington DC in the year 2054, is... Read more

Book review: Brawling for a foothold

Author: webeditor

IOT – How Your Company Can Use The Internet of Things to Win in the Outcome Economy – Bruce Sinclair – 2017 If you believe the IoT is an island off the West Coast of the UK with a funny... Read more

The expert view: true customer engagement

Author: Shane Richmond

True customer engagement is not possible if you don’t understand the signals that customers are sending you, said Tom Huxtable, of Thunderhead, introducing a Business Reporter breakfast briefing at the St Martin’s Lane Hotel in London. He said that businesses... Read more

How do you measure security?

Author: webeditor

Security standards are still missing in the Internet of Things, and we pay a hefty price “We are racing against the clock as well as sophisticated criminals .” Any innovation that has turned into a mass-market commodity – electricity, long-haul... Read more

Preventing carbon unit failures

Author: webeditor

Awareness training is not enough, so CFOs need to invest in employee cyber-risk management A lot of people feel that the solution to the problem of employees being a major cyber-threat is to give them “awareness training” about cyber-security. That’s... Read more

11 ways to keep cyber-safe outside the office

Author: webeditor

We all want to stay on the grid when we are away from home or the office. But doing so comes with some hefty cyber-security risks. TEISS Head of Consulting Jeremy Swinfen Green offers some tips on keeping yourself and... Read more

The student of the 21st century

Author: webeditor

How can organisations and top managers train their employees to become skilled end-users? “…students are leaving secondary and higher education without strong end-user skills…” Employers and technology developers talk a lot about millennials. They are worried about what they want,... Read more

Reader: The 10 commandments of AI

Author: webeditor

Given that artificial intelligence has been raised almost to the status of a religion, it’s hardly surprising that a new 10 commandments on AI and ethical computing have been carved out, writes Chris Middleton writes in Internet of Business. The... Read more