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Horror woman behind the matte glass

The American View: Helping or Haunting?

Author: Keil Hubert

Voice-activated virtual assistants are nifty little devices, but they have a strong predisposition for evil.. Business Reporter’s resident U.S. ‘blogger Keil Hubert suggests that the risk-versus-reward analysis might make you reconsider how dangerous these gizmos can be. I’m not surprised that... Read more

spear phishing emails – those targeted at a specific individual or company – remain a “very successful attack vector”

The expert view: How to mitigate cyber security risk

Author: Shane Richmond

According to research by Verizon, 91 per cent of all email attacks are aimed at credential theft, Jason Steer, of Menlo Security, told a group of senior security experts from a range of industries at a recent Business Reporter breakfast... Read more

AI for Education

Author: webeditor

Visit John Keble Primary School in Hampshire and you will see Year Six pupils being captivated by the magic of machine learning. Artificial intelligence (AI) is all around us and many of these 10 and 11 year olds and their... Read more

The American View: No More Stupid Questions

Author: Keil Hubert

Don’t ask beginner level b-school questions during an interview. Business Reporter’s resident U.S. ‘blogger Keil Hubert argues that lobbing the proverbial softballs won’t get you the critical insight that you need to make a decision, and insults the interview subject besides.... Read more

The American View: Silence is Endorsement

Author: Keil Hubert

The business world doesn’t need to become the military, but it does need to emulate the military when it comes to repudiating hatred and bigotry. Business Reporter’s resident U.S. ‘blogger Keil Hubert argues that leaders in every industry have a... Read more

The American View: Leadership as Performance Art

Author: Keil Hubert

The first step in assuming a new leadership role is to earn people’s trust. Business Reporter’s resident U.S. ‘blogger Keil Hubert and YouTube film critic Brad Jones discuss how faithfully emulating an established archetype helps to create trust and goodwill... Read more

The American View: Be the Walrus

Author: Keil Hubert

Password complexity rules alone won’t keep an account secure. Business Reporter’s resident U.S. ‘blogger Keil Hubert argues that password reset ‘security questions’ undermine account security measures … so long as the answers to those security questions are true. In the... Read more

Risk factors: the top five threats to your company

Author: webeditor

Businesses face all sorts of risks, which need to be assessed and managed. These risks include anything from natural disasters to political upheaval, third-party liabilities or even not being able to attract and attain top talent. Risk management and reinsurance... Read more