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Changing the way we interact financially

Author: webeditor

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us, and innovation is a priority at many companies to ensure their relevance and competitiveness are maintained.

Winds of change: fintech in the wealth management industry

Author: webeditor

The winds of change are blowing through the traditional wealth management industry, with private banks currently in an ideal position to explore the digital opportunities the financial services industry as a whole is powerfully positioned to exploit.

How technology empowers relationship managers

Author: webeditor

Technology can bring a step-change to the relationship between clients and financial firms Matthias Wyss, Head of Product Development, Private Banking Technologies  But even though industry actors overall agree with the principle of the directive, the regulatory pressure can be... Read more

How can traditional banks meet the alternative bank challenge?

Author: webeditor

Jane Jee, CEO of Kompli-Global, explains how frictionless customer onboarding without compromising on compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) legislation is crucial if banks are to meet the challenge presented by the rise of agile fintechs. Success in the field of... Read more

B-Hive fosters collaboration in financial services industry

Author: webeditor

 Fabian Vandenreydt, Executive Chairman of B-Hive  Large financial institutions are recognising more and more the need to innovate in order to be competitive in financial services – especially with digitisation affecting every aspect of the industry. However, rather than... Read more

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