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The Future of Customer Experience – April 2021

As shopping becomes more streamlined, consumers demand more, and take more for granted. “Customer experience” is now seen as a major differential – and technology is one of the keys to providing a CX that makes you stand out from the competition. Read more inside…

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The Best of Business -April 2021

With the double-whammy tidal wave of Covid and Brexit hitting the UK over the same turbulent period, the country’s businesses have been tested like never before. This has brought both encouraging success stories and grim reminders of existing problems – read more inside…

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Future of Retail – April 2021

Where, when and how we shop has been an ever-changing variable since Amazon sold its first book in the late 90s. But Covid has added an additional wild card to the mix… read more inside

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Future of Insurance – March 2021

The insurance sector is rapidly casting off its traditional dusty stereotype to embrace digital transformation and become one of today’s most forward-thinking industries. Read more inside…

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Smart Cities – March 2021

Designing buildings, cities and public spaces that better serve their inhabitants has been the aim of architects and civil engineers for hundreds of years. But the rise of connected devices has opened up huge new potential in making them not just better, but smarter. Read more inside…

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