The Future of Risk

Money-laundering, the dark web, internal fraud, cyber-attacks – all things commonly associated with risk. Some experts and vendors suggest that throwing money at smart technology will solve these problem. But if the solution is so simple, why are we still dealing with them? Perhaps the real problem lies elsewhere.


In this issue of Business Reporter, we ask whether a lack of education and discipline in the workplace and outdated risk management technologies that don’t cover the rise of new threats such as fake news and rogue governments are the real root of the problem. Do decision makers need to understand that saving money on risk management in the short term will cost them dearly in the end? Read more inside.

Source: by Elena Berton for Thomson Reuters Foundation, London, May 7


Charity giving in Britain has dropped for the third consecutive year amid deepening mistrust in the wake of a series of sex scandals that have rocked the aid sector.

Source: by Simon Jessop for Thomson Reuters, London, May 22


Britain’s financial markets regulator said on Tuesday it had “significant concerns” about governance and risk management at firms offering regulatory hosting services to fund managers.

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