Wednesday 29th September 2021, 16:00 (BST)

Sustainable supply chain – how the pandemic has tested and strengthened its links

Join this SupplyChainTalk to answer some of the biggest questions facing the supply chain industry including: 

  • How have businesses managed their response to the pandemic while continuing to work towards sustainability goals?
  • How have changes across the supply chain, in response to the pandemic, affected collaboration and transparency in sustainable practices?
  • How will leadership practices, implementation of technology and other factors continue to adapt and develop

Your host:

Duncan Brock

Duncan Brock is a member of the leadership team of CIPS. He’s had a specific interest throughout his career on implementing category management and developing the skills and capabilities of procurement teams. His procurement experience comes from working for Ford, Mars, Black & Decker, NTL (now Virgin Media) and RSA. He is also a CIPS spokesperson for conferences and media interviews on supply chain matters.


Murray Dilks

Head Of Group Procurement and Supply Chain, Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group

Direct Procurement
Strategy design and implementation, Category Management, Bottom line Cost Reduction and Value Creation, Global Sourcing including Low Cost Country Sourcing.

Indirect Procurement
Construction(NEC3 & 4), Large Capital Projects, Professional Services, IT,HR, Logistics, Travel, Facilities Management,Utilities

Supply Chain Management
Strategy and Management, Lean Supply Chain, Global Logistics and 3PL management, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Risk and Reslience

Organisational Transformation and Change Management
Outsourcing incl. Make/Buy Strategic Decision making

Accredited Chartered Institute of Purchase & Supply (CIPS) Lecturer and Tutor at Central Business School

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