Category: Big Data

Location intelligence is the future of retail

Author: webeditor

Jaime Sánchez-Laulhé, CEO and founder of Geoblink  There’s no denying the power of big data and its ability to revolutionise operations within the business world. As time progresses, more and more companies will turn to Location Intelligence as a means... Read more

Big Data is already cutting firms’ total cost of mobility

Author: webeditor

With the right help, businesses can use mobility thinking to revolutionise the cost of corporate leasing and travel. The next decade is predicted to be one of the most technologically disruptive in the history of transport. Alongside self-driving vehicles and... Read more

Meet the Golden Master for asset managers

Author: webeditor

In September, professional services firm Accenture brought onboard a team of research and benchmarking experts from consultancy Investit to beef up the business analytics skills of its asset management industry practice. Its aim is to focus on helping asset management... Read more

Misconceptions for UK firms around Brexit and EU GDPR

Author: Joanne Frearson

Although it’s very early days, there are some misconceptions around the impact of Brexit on the many thousands of organisations responsible for storing and managing sensitive personal data, according to Ground Labs. Any business that stores, transmits or processes personal... Read more