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10 things we learnt at the Digital Content Summit 2018

Author: Geoff Dodds

The Digital Content Summit 2018 took place on Tuesday 15th May 2018. The event was a great success and featured insights from a wide range of cross-industry speakers. This is a must-attend summit for anybody interested in publishing, content development,... Read more

How to turn customers into “brand ambassadors”

Author: webeditor

Audience attention spans have changed. Back in 2000 it was 12 seconds – now it’s estimated at only 8 seconds. Marketers and advertisers are going out of their way trying to catch customers’ attention. It seems at times that they... Read more

Breaking down internal silos to improve customer service

Author: webeditor

In an ideal world silos would exist within companies for organizational and structural purposes, but be invisible for customers and ease – not stifle – customer experience. In the real world, a recent survey from the American Management Association showed... Read more

Content marketing – journey to the hearts of customers

Author: webeditor

As the fight for the customer intensifies, companies are increasingly turning to content marketing to build a deeper emotional connection with their customers. Toni Ambler, head of travel company Contiki has taken content marketing to a whole new level. “When... Read more

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