Category: Future of Payments

The borderless e-commerce future is here

Author: webeditor

The coronavirus is having a major impact. There’s no doubt about that. Before the virus, many businesses were running fine. And “fine” was always good enough.

Aurus: making gold as easy as money

Author: webeditor

When money is spoken of as being as old as human civilisation, we’re really talking about gold. Ever since man discovered gold, it has been used as money in one form or another.

Future-proof your KYB, KYC and risk in one API

Author: webeditor

Online entities have always been continually managing outside forces, from savvy competitors, technology demands and customer engagement preferences to regulatory evolutions and economic changes.

A great experience lies at the heart of the future of payments

Author: webeditor

Payments has always been a source of innovation. The Lydians, who lived in what is now western Turkey, introduced coins as a token to represent value and replace bartering in the seventh century BC – now a digital token represents your card in a mobile wallet.

The importance of payments: how happy SMEs make happy economies

Author: webeditor

Anders la Cour, co-founder and CEO of Banking Circle, explains why the lack of access to instant payments is holding businesses back in today’s fast-paced market, and how financial services providers can build solutions to better serve their clients.

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