Category: Policy

The American View: Fear of Transparency

Author: Keil Hubert

What’s the point of publishing rules if company leaders aren’t going to enforce those rules? What purpose do they serve in deterring unacceptable conduct? Should we simply do away with organisational policies entirely and just hope for the best? How... Read more

The American View: Smoking Breaks

Author: Keil Hubert

Some organisations’ scope of authority extends far beyond the inside of their facilities. This can be traumatic (and career-limiting) for workers who have never experienced a work environment where the boss can regulate what you do outside of the office.... Read more

The American View: Full Mental Straightjacket

Author: Keil Hubert

Well-written policy can be an excellent tool for maintaining good order and discipline in the office. Policy is also potentially useless once a worker steps outside the office. Policy writers need to consider rules and expectations for employee actions in... Read more

The American View: The Forever Chore

Author: Keil Hubert

A lot has changed in the tech world since the 9/11 attacks . Business Reporter’s resident U.S. ‘blogger projects from experience how the use of commercial consumer technology will continue to change the military’s prosecution of America’s longest military conflict. Today... Read more

A new prescription for data security

Author: webeditor

Already a major talking point because of chronic short staffing and underfunding, the NHS has been in the news for losing data with some regularity. But is the situation really that dire? And should NHS Digital be spending the £4.2billion... Read more

Why the complexities of Brexit should be met with simplicity

Author: webeditor

Keeping things simple is often the best mantra for success in life’s endeavours. Given the mind-boggling complexity of Brexit, the business community believes that the way to cut through complication is to have a simple, familiar model for the transition... Read more

The cases when protectionism makes business smooth

Author: webeditor

After Brexit equality is over at least for some businesses. The vote in favour of Brexit was once described by the former chancellor George Osborne as the “biggest act of protectionism in British history.” Indeed, since the referendum the pound... Read more

Inside the Insurance Act

Author: webeditor

In august last year, new legislation came into force that has fundamentally changed the legal framework governing commercial insurance. The Insurance Act is a game-changing shift in favour of UK businesses, and should be strongly welcomed. However, the new law... Read more

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