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Retailers need to inject science into their big data to drive real value

Nov 25, 2015Comments off2859 Views

By Professor Michael Feindt, chief data scientist and founder, Blue Yonder Whether you have a zettabyte or a megabyte of data on what your customers bought


Big data, big opportunity

Nov 13, 2015Comments off2863 Views

By Damien McCloud, Associate Director, Arup How Arup is working to unlock the potential of big data for its clients. The rise of digital technology now


Beyond the Big Data hype

Oct 29, 2015Comments off4330 Views

By John Brodie, Founder, Aquila Insight | Warwick Beresford-Jones, Founder, Aquila Insight Turn the potential of your data into results The value of Big Data hasn’t been


The value of the big data to the UK economy

Sep 30, 2015Comments off1281 Views

By Sue Daley, Head of Programme, Big Data, Cloud & Mobile, techUK How UK businesses can unlock and explore the value of big data and


The trouble with big data

Sep 30, 2015Comments off2597 Views

By Mike Holcombe, Director, Advanced Computing Research Centre We hear a lot about big data and the benefits of collecting and analysing data, however it


Big Data: Crossing the Peak of Expectations

Sep 29, 2015Comments off2540 Views

By, Claire Buchanan, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Bridgeworks Claire Buchanan, CCO of Self-Configuring Infrastructure Optimised networks (SCION) vendor Bridgeworks, examines the growing big data opportunities


‘Big Data’ key to customer insight that keeps consumers engaged

Sep 28, 2015Comments off2345 Views

By Andy Wood, MD, GI Insight Tapping into data from both online and offline media creates a ‘Single Customer View’ that powers smarter decisions Capturing


In the big data age, every company holding confidential customer data should have a duty of care

Sep 25, 2015Comments off2388 Views

By David Emm, Senior Security Researcher, Global Research and Analysis, Kaspersky Lab Never underestimate the value of your organisations data to a hacker; implement regular