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Fire-fighting is an expensive solution to a GRC problem

Mar 17, 2016Comments off3823 Views

By Paul Grainger, Chief Executive Officer, Complyport Ltd Many businesses don’t recognise they have a problem until it’s too late! Why is this? Why didn’t someone


Why risk management requires highly skilled people

Mar 14, 2016Comments off3611 Views

Risk is a threat to all businesses All businesses face risk: the threat of loss to your business. It can be defined in a variety


Supporting risk management excellence in public services

Feb 15, 2016Comments off1762 Views

By Peter Andrews, Company Secretary, Alarm These are challenging times for public service risk managers. Risks are becoming more complex as the pace of change


Corruption risk: make it part of your strategic planning

Jan 15, 2016Comments off3509 Views

By Richard Fenning, CEO, Control Risks Resisting corruption is the responsibility of every employee but requires leadership by example. Companies need to set their own standards


Digital identity: A business imperative

Jan 08, 2016Comments off2919 Views

By Stephen Topliss, VP of Products, ThreatMetrix How businesses are securing transactions and driving revenue by embracing digital identity Traditional authentication methods are ineffective in a


Cyber exposure: can it be quantified?

Dec 10, 2015Comments off3718 Views

By Glyn Thoms, Executive Director, Cyber & TMT, Willis and Peter Armstrong, Executive Director, Cyber, Willis Despite spending huge amounts of money on consultants and technology to


A network solution: mitigating risk in financial markets

Nov 19, 2015Comments off3788 Views

By Mireille Dyrberg, COO TriOptima and Peter Weibel, CEO triReduce Post-crisis regulations mandate the use of risk mitigation activities like portfolio compression, portfolio reconciliation, trade reporting, central

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Managing cyber risk in today’s complex world

Nov 13, 2015Comments off2072 Views

By Nigel Stanley, Director of Cyber Security Practice, TUV RHEINLAND OPENSKY LIMITED By working with the right partner organisations can implement a proportionate response to cyber risk


Because time travel isn’t an option

Oct 22, 2015Comments off1280 Views

Recent events have underlined the need to stop blaming technology for risk management failures and address the real cause – us. “Organisations must reach the

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Effective security: be ready for whatever threat tomorrow brings

Oct 07, 2015Comments off2160 Views

By, Dr Guy Bunker, SVP Products, Clearswift The nature of security threats are changing. While hackers and malevolent outsiders still account for a large number of