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Optegra helps protect the vision of Britain

Dec 14, 2015Comments off2889 Views

With experts diagnosing more eye health problems now than five years ago, can latest technologies help save the vision of Britain? Almost two million people


Creating health and wealth by providing opportunities for UK businesses to innovate

Nov 23, 2015Comments off3194 Views

By Zahid Latif, Head of Healthcare, Innovate UK Health services are challenged by an ageing demographic with long term conditions. The UK must improve efficiency and affordability. Innovate

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Health technology – innovation at the heart of health and wellbeing

Oct 30, 2015Comments off2014 Views

By James Freeston, AXA PPP healthcare marketing director Health technology developments are at the heart of how healthcare will develop and how people will go

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Digital retail platform signals healthcare company’s ambition to shape the UK health and wellbeing market

Oct 27, 2015Comments off1811 Views

By James Freeston, AXA PPP healthcare marketing director What is people’s awareness of their own level of health and the steps they may need to

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Accelerating access to GP care

Oct 27, 2015Comments off1993 Views

By James Freeston, AXA PPP healthcare marketing director Advances in personal technology are rapidly changing people’s attitudes and approaches to managing their health and wellbeing. James


Antibiotics- the Beginning or the End?

Oct 06, 2015Comments off1543 Views

By Professor Anthony Coates, Helperby Therapeutics plc The world is running out of antibiotics. Helperby Therapeutics is developing a new approach-Antibiotic Resistance Breakers. The world is



Oct 05, 2015Comments off3071 Views

By, Tony Wood, UK Managing Director, Mercer Marsh Benefits The workforce of tomorrow faces increasing pressure to take personal responsibility for their healthcare. Employers have



Oct 05, 2015Comments off1907 Views

By, Chris Bailey, Partner and Head of Consulting, Mercer Marsh Benefits Organisations who invest in the health of their workforce can see over 40% improvement in



Oct 05, 2015Comments off2186 Views

By, Dr Wolfgang Seidl, Partner and Workplace Health Consulting Leader UK and Europe, Mercer Marsh Benefits A wellbeing strategy is no longer a nice to

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Vision for interoperability to make integrated care happen

Aug 12, 2015Comments off1172 Views

By Julian David, CEO, Tech UK Effective sharing of data across care settings has the potential to transform health and social care services Effective sharing