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The importance of alternative finance in helping SMEs grow their business

Apr 18, 2016Comments off2536 Views

By Jonathan Willder, CEO, Catalyst Business Finance Ltd When traditional funding sources are unable to meet their funding needs, businesses can now look to the alternative finance market


A new era of humanism in business transformation

Apr 11, 2016Comments off2392 Views

International business transformation consultancy FromHereOn uses human-centered design to put people at the heart of business transformation and enable its clients to strengthen trust and


Customer-isation: Creating meaningful brand experiences

Apr 07, 2016Comments off2858 Views

Engage Works, an interconnected experiences group based in London and Dubai, is expert in delivering impactful, cutting-edge experiences for some of the world’s leading brands.

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How cloud technology brings new opportunities and changes business models

Mar 16, 2016Comments off7060 Views

Businesses today don’t care what brand of server they use. What they want are on-demand technology solutions that meet their business challenges and service levels.


WATCH THIS: Selling up could be the fastest way to grow your business

Mar 15, 2016Comments off2467 Views

It may sound counter-intuitive, but selling a business could help secure the best future for entrepreneurs and the companies they have built. BCMS CEO Steve


How to value your people

Mar 15, 2016Comments off2460 Views

Analytics will drive performance but only if the people who are engaged in the leadership team are actually going to action the insight that they


Redefining shopping experiences with personalisation

Mar 14, 2016Comments off1887 Views

By Nick Cole, VP Europe, Manthan Systems Inc. Customers expect consistency, convenience and personalised experiences Retailers who can deliver such experiences for a sizeable segment of

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Digital transformation and the always-on consumer

Mar 14, 2016Comments off2782 Views

Organisations are using digital technologies such as analytics, mobile, social media and smart devices to change how they interact with customers and staff, reduce processing


Retailing in the Digital Age

Mar 14, 2016Comments off2976 Views

How retailers need to engage with their customers Engage with your customers retail journey at an emotional level Cognitive analytics will enable retailers to identify


Planning and delivering successful projects

Mar 09, 2016Comments off1882 Views

Delivering projects is like conducting an orchestra – to ensure success you need to bring everyone together to hit the right note Emma Davies –