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Customer-isation: Creating meaningful brand experiences

Apr 07, 2016Comments off2858 Views

Engage Works, an interconnected experiences group based in London and Dubai, is expert in delivering impactful, cutting-edge experiences for some of the world’s leading brands.


Far From Dead: The Future of Stores In The Digital World

Apr 01, 2016Comments off2760 Views

By Kevin Gill, UK CEO, Start Group With consumers obsessed with getting everything sooner and more effortlessly, there’s no denying that buying from brands today


Redefining shopping experiences with personalisation

Mar 14, 2016Comments off1887 Views

By Nick Cole, VP Europe, Manthan Systems Inc. Customers expect consistency, convenience and personalised experiences Retailers who can deliver such experiences for a sizeable segment of


Retailing in the Digital Age

Mar 14, 2016Comments off2976 Views

How retailers need to engage with their customers Engage with your customers retail journey at an emotional level Cognitive analytics will enable retailers to identify


How GS1 standards improve the shopper experience

Jan 20, 2016Comments off3032 Views

By Gary Lynch FCILT, CEO, GS1 UK Providing a seamless experience for today’s connected consumers  Retail habits are changing – shoppers expect a seamless experience across all channels Retailers


Three trends that could change the way we shop

Dec 15, 2015Comments off2194 Views

1. Consumers are in now control; financial institutions are having to adapt 2. Technology and social media are altering the payments landscape 3. The UK


Savvy customers demand more from deliveries

Dec 04, 2015Comments off1938 Views

By Jason Tavaria, Head of Direct, Shutl Ltd – an eBay company Delivery is taking centre stage as retailers struggle to differentiate in an increasingly


Strategies for omni-channel planning success

Nov 23, 2015Comments off4411 Views

Keeping up with today’s always-connected shopper can be difficult – it’s time to embrace omni-channel retailing.  –     Create a Competitive Advantage with Omni-Channel


Addressing digital transformation challenges for retailers

Nov 13, 2015Comments off2343 Views

Mark Adams, Founding Partner at eComp, discusses the challenges of digital transformation for retailers Investing in the standardisation of your technology systems A single view architecture for


British Retail Consortium

Sep 15, 2015Comments off1023 Views

By Helen Dickinson, Chief Executive of the British Retail Consortium What’s different today is the sheer pace of change faced by the industry And yet the