Yahoo and Bing in the running to be your iPhone's next search engine

27th November 2014  | Latest News Technology

Google's contract as the default search engine for Apple's Safari browser will reportedly come to an end next year, and rivals Yahoo and Bing are in the running to take the spot on your iPhone, iPad and Mac. Sources told The Information that the deal between the iOS developer and Google is set to end in…

Nearly a third of consumers 'careless' when making online payments

27th November 2014  | Technology

Nearly a third of consumers do not pay enough attention to cyber security when making online payments, according to a report. 31 per cent of respondents in a survey by Kaspersky Lab said they pay little attention to the security levels of websites where they enter personal or financial data. One in five said…

Advertising watchdog tells vloggers advertorial must be clearly signposted

26th November 2014  | Marketing

The advertising watchdog has told vloggers and the brands that pay them advertorial videos must be clearly signposted. The ruling could have an impact on the vlogging community, many of whom quietly accept freebies in exchange for talking them up excitedly on their YouTube channels. Brands and vloggers who ignore the Advertising Standards Authority…

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News sites including The Independent and The Telegraph targeted by hackers

Hacker group the Syrian Electronic Army has reportedly hacked a number of news websites including The Independent, Forbes, The Telegraph, CNBC and The Chicago Tribune. Some users attempting to access the sites get a notification which…