#TEISS15: Businesses under pressure from customers to bolster information security

24th October 2014  | Technology

The rise of “the intelligent customer” is the biggest challenge to businesses’ IT security departments this year, according to an industry expert. Speaking to Business Technology ahead of The European Information Security Summit 2014, host Professor Tim Watson, director of the Cyber Security Centre at the University of Warwick, said firms are finding…

EXCLUSIVE: Visa gets personal with social media loyalty schemes

21st October 2014  | Finance

Visa is in talks with Google and high street banks to personalise loyalty schemes using social media – and the UK’s biggest payment card system says it plans to launch hyper-personalised loyalty schemes, possibly within 18 months. What it calls “hyper-individual marketing” will be much more attractive to customers, Visa believes. Splicing spending…

#MCS2014: Spotify looks to attract business subscribers to music streaming service

17th October 2014  | Innovation Technology

Spotify is looking to attract more business users looking to license music for shops and restaurants rather than add individual subscribers. The music streaming site has 10 million paying subscribers and another 30 million who listen to the ad-based version. “In some ways, the free version is too good,” said Adam “Sven” Williams, managing…

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Half of Britons have experienced online crime

About 51 per cent of Britons have experienced an online crime, while half of victims of online crime felt ‘very or extremely violated’ by their experience, according to a poll commissioned by information security website Get…


Thames bridge plans will boost new housing

Building four new river crossings in east London will help create more than 45,000 new homes, says a report. The Centre for London committee, chaired by Lord Adonis, has called for four new river crossings to…